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The Process

A manuscript can take up to five months to complete. Generally Libby will do face to face recordings with the client and other people relevant to the story over a period of a week to ten days. Libby transcribes the material, sets out the structure and writes two opening chapters (up to 15,000 words) for client approval. She then completes manuscript (memoirs are usually between 65,000 and 80,000 words), contacting the client from time to time for clarification or additional information as necessary.

On the delivery of first draft, the client in consultation with Libby makes any changes additions, corrections, deletions. The completed manuscript is then forwarded to the client or submitted to publishers as previously agreed (see below).

Securing a Publisher

If the book is for commercial publication, Libby can make submissions to carefully selected publishers in accordance with their requirements e.g. two sample chapters as well as a professionally written and compelling synopsis. Publishers will request a full manuscript if they are interested.

Replies from publishers can take up to three months or it can be much faster depending on the interest of the publisher. If the manuscript is of a really exceptional nature several publishers may make offers to publish. Libby is not an agent but she can manage this process in consultation with her client.

A synopsis and a sample chapter can be submitted to selected publishers before proceeding to writing a full manuscript. While this option costs more, if it gets picked up by a publisher it can take away any future uncertainty of a commercial contract. This can be discussed with Libby.

While Libby makes no guarantees, if she agrees to write your story, its because she thinks it has an excellent chance of finding a publisher.





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