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Do you have a story to tell but don't know how to begin? Or perhaps you have made a start and just got stuck, discovering it’s a lot harder than you thought to put it all together to make compelling reading. Why not hire a writer to coax it out of your head and bring it to life on the page?

One of Australia’s most sought after ghostwriters is the acclaimed author Libby Harkness. Libby specialises in memoir – a non-fiction autobiographical story told in the first-person. Her work has covered a wide range of people’s life experiences – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, IVF, cancer survival, famous careers, life-altering accidents, death of a child, personal betrayals, child sexual abuse, challenging adventures and much more.

So if you think the book in you is worthy of seeing the light of day, talk to Libby about your idea. Whether you are seeking a commercial publisher or want to self publish, she can take your book from concept to publishing and beyond.

Because Libby gets hundreds of enquiries a year she has prepared a helpful guide of things to consider before you make contact with her.

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Libby Harkness
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